Customers are immune to sales emails.

Speer helps you observe a customer’s body language & change your message accordingly.

It makes sales relavent, not loud.

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A major part of my job is to reach out and sell on email and I've used everything I can get my hands on.

I liked the authenticity of their message. It's true that most customers hate outreach emails. This app helps me reach out only to those who intend to buy.
Anand Chowdhary
CEO, Oswald Labs
Their analytics helped us find leads we should focus on. They were strinkingly, on point with that.
Vivek Goel
CEO, Emanant Technologies
Running a campaign was very easy and automation around intent helped us generate quality leads.

We do not spend much time on follow ups now, they (Speer) do it for us.
Tarek Gethe
Head of Sales, Germany,
Use cases
Mindfull outbound campaigns
Mindless automation turns feels spammy, irritating and robotic. Use Speer to run intenful (delightful) campaigns that don’t annoy.
Find your most loved live-chat leads
You can configure Speer to talk to your live chat leads automatically. We’ll find the best ones, and nurture the others.
Free for 7 days, no card required
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How it works ?
Connect you email account to Speer, all messages are sent from your personal email.
Create your outreach flow or chose from existing templates.
Send at scale or individually.
Analyse your outreach. Find the most interested leads.
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